Campgrounds open at 9:00am Thursday, July 16th. Faster Horses Festival doors open at 12:00 noon on Friday, July 17th.If you choose to arrive on Friday, leave yourself plenty of time and anticipate some delays. Campground check-in is available 24/7

You can bring a shade-hat, sunglasses and sunscreen for daytime, and a jacket for the evening.
You can bring a disposable camera.
You can bring a small camera with no detachable zoom lens or flash.
You can bring in one 20 oz factory sealed bottle of water, EMPTY water bottles and cambelbaks up to one liter or smaller that can be filled for free at our water stations inside the festival. All containers subject to inspection.
You can bring a small bag or backpack – subject to search.
You can bring in a small (1 gallon) clear bag of snacks.
You can bring in low-profile beach style chairs, regular lawn chairs or bag chairs.

All bags are subject to inspection.

For your comfort and safety and the comfort and safety of others we request that you do not bring:

Any beverages other than one 20oz factory sealed bottle of water.
Glass Bottles or Cans
Zoom Lens Cameras
Coolers or Large Bags
Illegal Substances
Laser Pointers
Animals (except service animals)
Recorders (Audio or Video)

Rules are subject to change without notice. Everyone entering the campground or Festival grounds will be subject to a search.

Friday and Saturday we’ll be partying until about 12:30am. Sunday the show will come down at approximately 11:15pm. These times may change a little.

Average highs are 80F and average lows around 60F that time of year. Typically it is hot and sunny.  But be sure to check the forecast before you leave.  Be prepared for rain and any kind of outdoor weather.  This is Michigan, after all!

No, only approved and licensed vendors are allowed inside the Festival. If you want to find out about availability email us at vendors@fasterhorsesfestival.com.

Yes you can. Day parking is available in the ‘day only’ parking lot. Day parking passes are $10/per car and are purchased as you enter.

The day parking lot gates open at 9:00am each day of the Festival. Designated parking areas for patrons with disabilities are available (follow signage).

Day parking passes are $10/per car and are purchased as you enter.

No, you can stay elsewhere and commute to the festival each day.

Yes, there is only a certain amount of 3-day passes and camping that we can sell. We do expect a sell out for 2015 so better to buy early than to wait!


NOTE: Children age 10 and under get in free. They do not need a ticket.


Once you receive your wristband, please do not try it on, give it to your children or adjust it in any way.  These wristbands have a one-way locking mechanism on them. Once you adjust them, they will lock and will not come off!

Wristband distribution will start week of May 18. This process will take a little while – please reach out to us if you have not received your wristband by June 19. Please be sure to read all our terms and conditions here.

Don’t lose or break it. Wristbands that have been tampered with will be void and lost wristbands cannot be replaced.

No, your wristband needs to be on tight enough that it does not slide off and is good for just you only.

Please reach out to Tickets Today at customerservice@ticketstoday.com for any and all issues with your wristband.

If you ordered it together, it will come in one package. If you ordered camping at a separate time, your tickets will come in a separate delivery.

Yes! Starting this year, payment plans tickets will be available while supplies last. Be sure to check out our Payment Plan page for all the details.

If tickets are still available we will gladly accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Nope, there are no print at home options for this show. Be really careful buying anywhere except the official Tickets Today website. We see far too many forgeries and bad tickets and they will not get you in to the Festival.

For additional information, please visit this FAQ page-

If afterwards you still need assistance with your ticket order, we recommend emailing customerservice@ticketstoday.com. One of their Customer Service Representatives will respond to your email in the timeliest manner possible.

Venue Information

Yes we do, make sure you have an approved, valid picture ID. Not sure if you have an acceptable form of ID – check your local or state government websites.

We’ll have a great variety of standard and local specialty foods. Food on a stick, food in a bowl, food on a plate, vegetarian options also.

You may bring in a small (gallon) clear bag of snacks and one full plastic water bottle per person up to one liter or smaller and must be in a clear, factory sealed bottle. In addition we will allow EMPTY water bottles, camelbaks, etc…, up to one liter or smaller, that can be filled at our free water stations inside the Festival Site. All containers will be subject to inspection at the Gates to the Festival Site.

Correct, that would be a No.

Yes you can, though the stroller will be subject to a search. You’d be surprised what people try and hide behind the kid!

You can, but please advise the security guard at the gate and they will call the medics who will assist you.

It pokes people’s eyes out and obscures the view of the person behind you.

Full disclosure, for the most part only port-a-johns are available.

Yes we do.

Yes, ask any member of staff and they will point you in the right direction.

Yes, drinkable water is available for you.

You can find sunscreen and other little necessities at both the General Store at the campground and in the Festival store.


All camping prices listed are for a weekend pass, good from when the campground opens on Thursday, July 16th to when the campground closes on Monday, July 20th.

The campground will open at 9:00am on Thursday, July 16th. and all patrons must leave the campground by noon on Monday, July 2oth.

Check-in for the campgrounds is available 24 hours a day from open to close.

Yes you can through the renewal periods.

There are showers available in certain campgrounds. Please see the camping amenities chart for more information.

You can in any campground EXCEPT Tent City in Infield. Campsites are very close together, so we request that all Festival campers be considerate of their camping neighbors when utilizing a generator. To avoid excessive amounts of carbon monoxide and noise, please “pipe up” internal generators. This will allow the exhaust to be released above the RV and not into your neighbors camping area. If you are utilizing a free-standing generator, a “muffler box” would contain the noise and direct exhaust away from campers. Quiet generators are preferred by your fellow campers. Generators are the responsibility of their owners and should not interfere with surrounding campers. Ventilator kits preferred.

As long as you are of age, alcohol is permitted within the confines of your individual campsite, but no open containers or alcohol consumption will be allowed in the public areas or on the roads.

Reserved camping sites are sold online. If you want to be together, you must purchase camping together.

No. Anyone planning to camp will also need to purchase a festival pass in order to enter the campgrounds.

  • A tent (you’d be surprised!)
  • Clothing for all temperatures – the nights can be chilly and the days long and hot.
  • Sunscreen/sunblock.
  • You can bring your own food for the campground, though we do have some great, hot food options available.
  • Your happy, smiley face ready to have some fun.
  • A bit of patience, give our staff a wave and a hello instead of a snarl.

Yes there is. The store has a wide variety of soft drinks & snacks, ice, as well as some of those little necessities you may have forgotten, sunscreen, basic toiletries etc. The General Store is located on the Infield campground.

As many people as you can legally fit into your vehicle.

If you want to have a campfire you must bring your own fire ring.

No. do not bring any pet whatsoever, not because we don’t like them – we are all animal lovers here – but it is cruel and unfair to the pet to leave it alone in the campground or parking lot, locked up or in a car or tent where it may suffer from extreme heat. When we see a pet in a car or running around the camp ground unattended, we will alert the authorities and your vehicle may be entered and the pet taken to a shelter for its own welfare. You may be subject to prosecution for cruelty to animals. Service Animals are permitted however.

You must purchase an overnight parking pass. Overnight parking passes are $30 and are available at the Security Trailer.

Yes! Everyone planning to stay in the campgrounds must have a 3-day festival pass wristband.

Yes, they may set up your camping area and then they will be required to exit the MIS property immediately afterwards since they do not have a 3-day festival pass.