Camping Safety

Brooklyn, MI

July 19•20•21

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be a good neighbor

Faster Horses Festival is about community, and as we continue to encourage our fans to be kind to each other, we strongly urge everyone to participate in our buddy system. It’s important that fans look out for one another, always have a buddy with you.

Think ahead!

Keep a screenshot of your campground name and site number as well as the tram map on your phone, so it’s always accessible to you. Once all of your neighbors set up their campsites, it may make yours a little harder to find. Put up a flag or other indicator so everyone in your group can easily find your campsite!

Keep your items safe

  • Don’t leave your valuables out in the open when you leave your campsite.
  • Zip your tent and close your vehicle’s doors to help keep bugs out.
  • Make sure your camping equipment is weighted down or staked to the ground in case we experience wind.

camping policies

1. Faster Horses Festival has a strict policy against firearms and weapons of any kind on MIS property (including campgrounds and festival grounds). No weapons of any kind are permitted, including but not limited to guns, knives, axes, hatchets or baseball bats. This policy applies to everyone, including those with a concealed carry permit.

No weapons of any kind are permitted. Leave them at home. You will not be permitted to enter MIS grounds with a weapon. THERE WILL BE NO GUN-CHECK/HOLDING AT SECURITY CHECKPOINTS AS IN PREVIOUS YEARS.

Please check your campers and your vehicles before you leave your house. DO NOT BRING GUNS OR ANY WEAPONS to the festival. You will not be permitted entry. Depending on the circumstances, you may also face legal consequences. It’s not worth the risk to bring a firearm or weapon to the festival.

Not sure if what you are bringing is considered a weapon? Please reach out to our team at

2. Limit of one steering wheel per campsite, and all camping units must be at least 4′ from all other camping units. State of Michigan camper parking policies:

3. Max of 8 people and 1 camping unit (camper OR tent) per campsite. State of Michigan camping policy R.325.1556.

4. Fires must be 10 feet from any vehicle or structure, contained, and you must have a fire ring.

5. No open pit, charcoal fires are permitted. Small camping stoves and small propane BBQ’s are permitted.

6. Fire lanes must remain open at all times.

7. Do not walk along the major roads surrounding Faster Horses property at any time, and be aware of any traffic when walking within the property. Use pedestrian bridges and our allocated trams for transport.

8. Tent and awning stakes must be marked.

9. Severe Weather: Live Nation and the Michigan International Speedway are focused on the safety of its patrons, employees and service partners. As such, we may have to shut down festival transportation (buses, trams and golf carts) during periods of severe weather. Please plan accordingly to give yourself enough time to get to a safe place in the case of severe weather.

10. Generators: When utilizing a generator, please be considerate of your neighbors and operate your generator safely. Remember to read your owner’s manual, and always double check that both your carbon monoxide and fire detectors are functioning properly before you camp!
Your generator should be outdoors, far from any structure and properly grounded. When operating your generator, plug equipment directly into the generator, and DO NOT plug the generator into a wall outlet. Between uses, give your generator time to cool off before refueling. Please “pipe up” internal generators reducing noise and diverting exhaust fumes above the RV and away from your neighbor’s camping area. For free-standing generators, a “muffle box” can reduce noise and direct exhaust away from fellow campers. All generators are the sole responsibility of their owners. Carbon monoxide detectors and fire detectors save lives. Don’t forget to pack one for your campsite and ensure they are working properly before you head to the campground!

11. Reflectors are required on bicycles and no private atvs, golf carts, motorcycles, off road vehicles, rental trucks, semi-trailers allowed.

12. No fireworks, sky lanterns, candle balloons, confederate flags, large bonfires or pit fires.

13. No drones or unmanned aircraft of any kind are allowed.

14. Sorry, no pets.

15. No joyrides in the campground. If you or members of your group are removed from the camping facilities by security for violation of any festival policy/rule, vehicles may be removed at owner’s expense.

Important Numbers to Know

To alert our medical or security team, text our “See Something, Say Something” Hotline.
Step 1: Message us at 313-6-HORSES (313-646-7737).
Step 2: Type the NATURE and LOCATION of your issue.
Step 3: Press send and someone will get back to you ASAP.

For emergencies call 9-1-1.

For general festival inquiries email

Mindful festivaling

Visit our Festival Safety Tips page for more safety information, and have a safer Horses!

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