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Brooklyn, Michigan



    Food Vendors

    Interested in being a food vendor at Faster Horses? Please contact:

    Craft Vendors

    Are you a craft vendor? Are you interested in selling your goods at Faster Horses? Apply now to be a craft vendor on site! Click Here.


    For Sponsorship opportunities, please contact:


    If you are having any festival pass-related issues (tracking your order, lost your wristband, questions about charges) and you purchased your passes through Front Gate Tickets, please reach out by phone to customer service at 888.512.SHOW (7469) Monday-Friday 9a-9p CT. You can also visit their customer support page here.

    Please note that only, Front Gate Tickets and Live Nation are valid ticket outlets for the festival.


When can I purchase my wristband?

Passes are on sale now for Faster Horses 2019! Head on over to our passes page to grab yours!

Do I need a festival pass in order to camp?

Yes! Everyone who camps must also have a festival pass.

I found passes for sale on Craigslist (or enter any third party name). Can you validate these before I purchase them?

No, we can only validate passes sold on Front Gate Tickets, Live Nation and

Do I need to purchase my festival passes at the same time I purchase camping?

No, you do not need to purchase both at the same time. You may purchase camping and come back to purchase your festival pass later (or vice versa). While supplies last. Please note that if you purchase a pass at the festival it will be $250.

I just purchased my festival pass. When can I expect to receive it?

Wristband and camping pass distribution will start approx 4 weeks prior to the festival. Stay tuned for updates on our social pages and website.

What happens if I lose or break my wristband prior to the festival?

Don’t lose or break it. Wristbands that have been tampered with will be void and lost wristbands cannot be replaced for any reason.

Can I slide my wristband off and give it to my friend to use?

No, your wristband needs to be on tight enough that it does not slide off and is good for just you only. Wristbands that have been tampered with will be void and lost wristbands cannot be replaced for any reason.

Will I receive my camping pass along with my festival pass?

If you ordered it together, it will come in one package. If you ordered camping at a separate time, your tickets will come in a separate delivery.

I saw someone selling print at home tickets. Are they legit?

Nope, there are no print at home options for this show. Be really careful buying anywhere except the official Faster Horses, Live Nation or Front Gate Ticket websites. We see far too many forgeries and bad tickets and they will not get you in to the Festival.

Are the passes good for all 3 days of the festival?

Yes! We don't sell single-day passes for Faster Horses.

I have questions about my ticket order. Who do I contact?

Please call FrontGate Tickets at 888.512.SHOW (7469) and they will be able to assist you with your ticket order or account information.


How do I sign up for Cashless?

Just visit our Register Wristband page, click to register and it'll walk you through the steps to register your wristband and opt-in to sign up for Cashless program.

Do I have to sign up for Cashless?

No. Although Registering your wristband is required, cashless is not. That being said, we highly encourage it as it will make your life much easier while at Faster Horses. With cashless, your credit card is securely attached to your wrist.

Will I need to bring any other forms of payment with me?

Yes. We would recommend bringing some cash and/or a credit/debit card with you to Faster Horses just in case the vendor you choose to shop with is one of the few that doesn’t accept cashless or in the very unlikely event of an issue with the cashless system.

How does this work? Do I have to deposit money into an account or does it charge directly to my card?

With cashless at Faster Horses, there is no need to load any money onto your wristband as you might have experienced at some other events. When you register for the cashless option on your wristband you will securely link your credit or debit card with the wristband. So when you pay for something with your wristband, it will be just like swiping your card at a store.

If I lose my wristband, will someone be able to use it to purchase items?

No. Even though you will swipe your wristband to pay for items, you still have to punch in your PIN number for a transaction to take place. As long as you don't give out your PIN number, your wristband is safe and cannot be used for cashless purposes by anyone else.

I already registered for cashless but need to edit my credit card info, how do I do that?

Go to our Register Wristband page and enter your wristband number again. It'll then ask you for the email you used when you registered.... enter that email address. Your account information will then appear and you may edit as needed.

Will I be able to pay for food and drinks with my wristband?

Yes. Most food vendors on-site will accept cashless as a form of payment. That being said, we still recommend bringing cash and/or a card with you as a few food vendors, roaming food/drink carts, and craft merchants might not accept cashless.

Will I be able to pay for Faster Horses merchandise with my wristband?

Yes. We will accept the cashless payment option for Faster Horses merchandise at the festival!

Will there be ATMs on-site at the festival?

Yes. These will be located around the grounds. Specific locations will be notated in the Faster Horses mobile app.

If I forget to register my wristband, can I do it on-site at the festival?

Yes. You may register your wristband on-site at any of the Guest Service booths located around the festival site. You can also always register your wristband by going to our Register Wristband page here on the website or in the Faster Horses App at any point before or during the festival!


What time does everything start for Faster Horses weekend? When do gates open?

Faster Horses will take place July 19-21, 2019.

Gate times will come closer to the festival.

What can I bring inside the festival site?

- Disposable cameras
- Small camera with no detachable zoom lens or flash
- (1) 20 oz factory sealed bottle of water
- EMPTY water bottles and CamelBaks up to 1.5-liter or smaller.* Fill 'em up for free at one of the water stations inside the festival.
- Small bags or backpacks*
- Small soft sided (6-pack sized) coolers
- (1) Small (1 gallon) clear bag of snacks.
- Low-profile beach style chairs, regular lawn chairs or bag chairs (please note that they must be set up in our chair corral section and may not be placed close to the Main Stage).

*All containers and bags are subject to inspection.

What can't I bring in the festival site?

For you comfort and safety (and the comfort and safety of others), we request you do not bring to the festival site:

- Alcohol
- Any beverages other than one 20oz factory sealed bottle of water.
- Glass Bottles or Cans
- Zoom Lens Cameras
- Go Pros
- Hard sided Coolers or Large Soft Sided Coolers
- Large Bags or Backpacks
- Stools
- Illegal Substances
- Laser Pointers
- Umbrellas
- Shade structures of any kind
- Animals (with exception to service animals)
- Recorders (Audio or Video)
- Weapons of any kind
- Fireworks

Rules are subject to change without notice. Everyone entering the campground or Festival grounds will be subject to a search.

Can I leave and re-enter the festival site?

Yes, you can come and go as much as you please.

Can I come on site and sell stuff?

No, only approved and licensed vendors are allowed inside the Festival. This will be strictly enforced.

Is there any public transportation to Faster Horses?

Unfortunately, not to the festival but we do have trams running between the festival site and all campgrounds (with the exception of M-50).

I don't want to camp. Can I just commute and park each day?

Sure you can!
Day parking is available in the ‘day only’ parking lot. We encourage everyone to reserve these spots early here on our website before arriving to the festival to save money and to make sure you have a spot.

Day parking passes are $15 a day in advance/$20 onsite and Day VIP parking is $25 in advance/$50 onsite. Day parking is also per car and per time you enter the festival. Designated parking areas for patrons with disabilities are available as well (follow signs).

Is there an age limit?

Nope, we welcome all ages to Faster Horses and children 6 and under are free in GA!

Do I have to camp to attend Faster Horses?

No, but you are missing out! :) You can stay elsewhere and commute to the festival each day.

Is there a limit/capacity to the festival?

Yes, there is only a certain amount of festival passes and camping that we can sell. We do expect a sell out so better to buy early than to wait!

What kind of ADA Accommodations will be available?

Within the Festival:
The festival grounds are wheel chair accessible but please be aware that this is a large venue with distance between the 2 stages and is an outdoor festival. Therefore, some travel will be over natural terrain. If it should rain, there will be mud in some places. We do not provide personal care. Please plan ahead and bring attendants if needed. In addition, the festival does not provide wheelchairs for rent or loan. Please make arrangements beforehand if you should need a wheelchair at the festival. Wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and three/four-wheeled scooters are all permitted for Patrons with mobility disabilities. There is an ADA viewing platform available in our Main Stage viewing area. This platform is reserved at all times for people with mobility impairments plus one companion. Please note this area has limited capacity and is available first come, first served.
ADA restrooms are also available throughout the venue. The Tack Room VIP Lounge area is accessible with a ramp.

Special Dietary Needs:
A patron requiring insulin is allowed to bring his or her medically necessary materials and medications. Out of concern for the festival staff who handle the trash, please dispose of your medical waste and syringes in the proper disposal located in the First Aid area of the festival. Please do not dispose of these items in other trash bins at the festival. If you should need to keep any medication refrigerated, please visit our First Aid area for assistance.

Service Animals:
Animals and pets are not allowed with the festival or campgrounds except for service animals. Please send any inquiries to

ADA Parking:
ADA Parking is available in our Day Parking Lot. Just follow the signs and parking attendants will assist you. For overnight parking, please see our camping ambassadors upon check-in to your campground and they will assist you.

If you’re looking to purchase ADA camping, please email

Need a Sign Language Interpreter?

We are happy to tend to the needs of our ADA patrons. If you'd like a sign language interpreter, all requests must be received at 4 weeks prior to the festival.

I have questions about my ticket order. Who do I contact?

Please call FrontGate Tickets at 888.512.SHOW (7469) and they will be able to assist you with your ticket order or account information.

Does the festival have an App?

We sure do! Be sure to download the Faster Horses App and have updates sent directly to your phone including artist announcements and artist opportunities on site at the festival.


When can I purchase my campsite?

Camping is on sale NOW! Act fast because many campgrounds are already sold out (don't fret we've still got some great sites available).

Are camping prices per person or per campsite? Is it for the whole weekend?

All camping prices listed are per campsite (not per person) and good for the whole weekend.

How many people am I allowed to have at my campsite?

As many people that can comfortably fit on your campsite (with the exception of VIP).

Can I have a car on my campsite?

Our policy is that you may only have 1 steering wheel per campsite (whether that be your car or camping unit). If your camping unit has a steering wheel, you will need to purchase an overnight parking pass for your car. If your camping unit does not have a steering wheel, you may park your car on your campsite.

What time do the campgrounds open and close?

All campgrounds will open Thurs, July 18 at 9amET and close Mon, July 23 at Noon. Once campgrounds open, they will stay open 24 hours a day. You may check in anytime after Thurs, July 18 at 9amET.

What is the campsite contest theme?

This year's campsite contest theme is Christmas in July. If you don't celebrate Christmas, no worries any winter/holiday themed campsite will work!

Stay tuned a little closer to the festival to for rules & directions on how to enter.

What are the overall campground policies?

1. You must have a Faster Horses festival wristband for access to the campgrounds.
2. Sites are sold on reserved basis.
3. Limit of one steering wheel per campsite.
4. Resale of passes is prohibited.
5. Transferring passes is prohibited.
6. Passes must be displayed at all times.
7. Fires must be 10 feet from any vehicle or structure.
8. Tent and awning stakes must be marked.
9. Severe Weather: Live Nation and the Michigan International Speedway are focused on the safety of its patrons, employees and service partners. As such, we may have to shut down festival transportation (buses, trams and golf carts) during periods of severe weather. Please plan accordingly to give yourself enough time to get to a safe place in the case of severe weather.
10. Generators: Campsites are close together. When utilizing a generator, please be considerate of your neighbors. The quieter and more ventilated your generator is, the better. Please “pipe up” internal generators reducing noise and diverting exhaust fumes above the RV and away from your neighbor’s camping area. For free-standing generators, a “muffle box” can reduce noise and direct exhaust away from fellow campers. All generators are sole responsibility of thier owners.
11. KEEP YOUR AREA CLEAN! Keep a trash receptacle in your camping area helps prevent accumulation, odors and helps create a pleasant camping environment. We offer curbside garbage pickup! Leave your trash-specific bags near the road by 10am Friday-Monday for collection.
12. Recycling Efforts: Faster Horses hopes to keep waste to a minimum and working with service organizations to ensure that as many beverage containers as possible are recycled. Please leave your recycle-specific bags in a separate pile near the road by 10am Friday-Monday for collection.
13. No Gray Water Dumping:State law prohibits the dumping of gray water. Dump stations are available in all FH campgrounds. Dumping of gray water is grounds for removal from property.
14. Overnight Parking: Overnight parking is very limited so it’s highly encouraged to buy in advance. Weekend overnight parking passes are $40 per car when purchased in advance and $80 per car if purchased on site. Once parked, vehicles must remain parked for the remainder of the weekend. Note: ONLY vehicles with an “Overnight Companion” parking pass can park in overnight parking areas. Standard vehicle/Day Parking Passes are not permitted.
15. Fire lanes must remain open at all times.
16. Reflectors are requested on bicycles.
17. Sorry, no pets.
18. No fireworks, weapons of any kind, sky lanterns, candle balloons, large bonfires or pit fires.
19. No parking within 50 feet of water stations.
20. No vending without proper vendor permit.
21. Motorcycles must be parked in designated motorcycle parking, not at your campsite.
22. No motorcycles, semi-trailers, off road vehicles, ATVs or rental trucks allowed.
23. No private golf carts allowed.
24. No open pit or charcoal fires are permitted. Small camping stoves and small propane BBQ's are permitted.
25. No swimming pools, truck bed pools, super soakers, water balloon launchers, spotlights, horseshoes, laser points, or other items that pose a danger to surrounding guests. Small kiddie or wading pools are allowed.
26. No glass in the campgrounds - If you have a glass container please pour it in a solo cup before walking around the campground.
27. No unmanned aircrafts (drones/helicopters)
28. If you or members of your group are removed from the camping facilities by security for violation of any festival rule, vehicles may be removed at owner's expense.

Can I bring a golf cart with me?

No, due to safety reasons and traffic, we cannot allow golf carts in the campgrounds.

I'm staying at one campground and have friends staying a different campground. Can I go visit them?

Yes, you can go visit your friends at any time unless they are staying in VIP.

Can I use a generator at my campsite?

You can in any campground EXCEPT Tent City in Infield.

Campsites are very close together, so we request that all Festival campers be considerate of their camping neighbors when utilizing a generator. To avoid excessive amounts of carbon monoxide and noise, please “pipe up” internal generators. This will allow the exhaust to be released above the RV and not into your neighbors camping area. If you are utilizing a free-standing generator, a “muffler box” would contain the noise and direct exhaust away from campers. Quiet generators are preferred by your fellow campers. Generators are the responsibility of their owners and should not interfere with surrounding campers. Ventilator kits preferred.

Is alcohol allowed in the campgrounds?

As long as you are of age, alcohol is permitted within the confines of your individual campsite. No open containers or alcohol consumption will be allowed in the public areas or on the roads.

I want to camp next to my friends. Can you reserve a spot?

Reserved camping sites are sold online. If you want to be together, you must purchase camping together.

Can I camp if I do not have a festival pass to Faster Horses?

No. Anyone planning to camp will also need to purchase a festival pass in order to enter the campgrounds.

Is there ADA Camping?

If you’re looking to purchase ADA camping, please email

Is there a convenience store available?

Need ice? Forget your toothpaste? Low on firewood? Visit one of our three Corrigan Oil Convenience Store locations in the following campgrounds: Infield (section 6), M-50 Creekside and Brooklyn Trails. Mobile ice sales are also available in the Infield.

Will you have any transportation from campgrounds to the festival?

Yes, we will have trams running to/from each campground (with the exception of M-50). Tram hours will be released closer to the festival.

Can I have a campfire?

If you want to have a campfire you must bring your own fire ring.

Can I bring my dog?

No. Not because we don’t like them (we're all animal lovers here), but it's cruel and unfair to the pet to leave it alone in the campground or parking lot, locked up or in a car or tent where it may suffer from extreme heat. When we see a pet in a car or running around the camp ground unattended, we will alert the authorities and your vehicle may be entered and your pet taken to a shelter for its own welfare. You may be subject to prosecution for cruelty to animals.

Service Animals are permitted.

What do I do with my car if I plan to stay with friends who are camping?

You must purchase an overnight parking pass and also have a festival wristband.

How many tents can I have on my campsite?

As many as you wish as long as it all fits within your camping space.

Can I have both a camper and tent on the same campsite?

Yes, you can have both a camper and tent on the same campsite as long as it all fits within your camping space. The exceptions are Northwoods and Tent City which are tent only campgrounds.

Can I have a vehicle on my campsite and what is the parking policy in the campgrounds?

Our general rule is one steering-wheel per campsite (example: a self-driving camping unit or car). Any additional vehicles would need to have an Overnight parking pass. Buy your parking pass early and save! Prices will increase weekend of festival. For parking information, visit our Festival Pass or Camping page for the details and opportunity to purchase.

What's the theme this year for the campsite decorating contest?

The theme for 2019 is Christmas in July!

Can I change campsites or add campsites during the campsite renewal presale?

No, you cannot move campsites nor add campsites during the renewal presale. You may only purchase the exact sites you had in 2018. You may delete one of them if preferred but you cannot add campsites.
You may also decrease or increase your festival pass purchase during renewal.
Campsite renewals are happening now until Friday, January 18th at 11:59pm ET!

If you need a new campsite (or just purchase festival passes), you may do this during the alumni presale Tuesday, January 22nd - Thursday, January 24th at 11:59pm ET.


Do you sell alcohol at the festival? Do I need my ID?

Yes we do, make sure you have an approved, valid picture ID (expired ID will not be accepted). Not sure if you have an acceptable form of ID – check your local or state government websites.

What kind of food is available?

We’ll have a great variety of standard and local specialty foods. Food on a stick, food in a bowl, food on a plate, and some vegetarian/gluten free options as well.

Can I bring my own food and drink to the festival site?

You may bring in a small (gallon) clear bag of snacks and one 20oz full plastic water bottle per person or smaller. Must be in a clear, factory sealed bottle. In addition we will allow EMPTY water bottles, CamelBaks, etc., up to 1-liter or smaller, that can be filled at our free water stations inside the Festival Site. All containers will be subject to inspection at the Gates to the Festival Site.

So that is a no to bringing a cooler?

Correct, that would be a no.

I have small children, can I bring a stroller?

Yes you can, though the stroller will be subject to a search. You’d be surprised what people try and hide behind the kid!

Can I bring in my medical prescription such as Diabetic insulin?

You can, but please advise the security guard at the gate and they will call the medics who will assist you.

Why can't I bring an umbrella to the festival?

It pokes people’s eyes out and obscures the view of the person behind you.

What is the restroom situation?

Full disclosure, for the most part only port-a-johns are available.

Will you have ATMs?

Yes we will.

Is there a First-Aid station?

Yes, ask any member of staff and they will point you in the right direction.

Do you have free water available?

Yes, just bring an empty water bottle (up to 1-liter) and you can fill it up at one of our on-site water stations as needed.

Can I buy some sunscreen there?

You can find sunscreen and other little necessities at any of the Convenience Stores on site. You can also grab some sunscreen within the festival at any of our Guest Services booths.

Do you have lockers available?

Yes! Head over to our passes page to reserve yours today!

Where can I park just for the day?

We have day parking available (see more info on our festival pass page). Save money and reserve your parking spot early and don't wait until you get to the festival. Prices will increase the weekend of the festival.